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Okay, so... Robin's made contact with someone who claims to know someone. If nothing else, this someone of a someone will get our foot in the door of the local black market. Not a lot, but what can you expect with only three days to scout out the area? Appears the local population is more or less stable and tolerant of the Indy sympathizers. No firm lead on a possible Parker, et aliases. If you've gotta go out, don't get too friendly. They don't like friendly people. And feel free to insult the area, but not the planet. Cause everyone there is from somehwere else.
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Date:April 16th, 2005 04:08 pm (UTC)

Reply to Liane

We'll be out day after tomorrow. Our cargo can only remain seized for so long, so we'll have Victoria break something neccessary. See you in the world then.

Feed us whatever pictures you can manage of Independent sympathizers. I'll have Dex run them through the system. Even if we don't bag Parker, we may find something else of use. Good to know who's where. Make sure you're keep record of who you're speaking to and what you're telling them. It's good to have blackmarket contacts this side of the 'verse for the future, as well.

We'll need to know your cover, to adapt when we go out. I'll expect it shortly.

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