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Date: 5-27-05
IC Date: 4/15/2517
Rating: PG

Aric has only - thankfully - gotten one visit from Victoria, and it definantly didn't qualify as a 'visit', unfortunantly. He's in much the same position as when she visited, though, sprawled across the bed and reading. "I.." He begins as he hears the knock and blinks, as it's Dex. "...Aren't you forbiden to visit me?" A pause. "Yeah, hi. Being locked in doesn't really do well for me, no." Mutter.

Dex throws his lanky body into a chair, pushing any strewn clothing or books out of the way. "Techically," he pauses, with an eyebrow raised as though he's about to reveal something earth-shattering. "Yes. However," he raises a long finger. "I feel as though in this case the ends outweigh the means, etc etc." He drops his hand back into his lap. "You've /got/ to get out of here, man," he adds with a voice that sounds concerned. "It's starting to smell."

Aric hasn't been in here long enough that his obsessive compulsive tendencies towards cleanliness has disapeared entirely, and so there's very little 'strewn about'. "Does it smell?" He asks cooly, conversationally. "I don't think Ican tell the difference anymore," he finishes, glancing around as if it should /look/ smelly if it is. "Mmm, it would be nice to be out, but Alex would have my ass if I left - and in anentirely unplesant sor of way."
Aric> Dex shrugs one shoulder, picking up a reader file which he glances at. "Only a bit, but enough to notice the difference when you walk in. What've you been doing in here? Just reading? What's this one?" He waves the file, though he immediately replaces it and leans foward with his elbows on his knees. "So, what's the deal, you can't leave until you admit you're a pretentious ass?"

"Ah, well, not a lot of people walking in, so I suppose I only have to worry so much." Aric sretched his legs out a little and sighs. "Reading, working out...reading again...Talking to myself. The usual. Mm. That'sMacBeth, I think," He supplies, peering at the file. "Oh, Dex - nothing's ever /that/ easy," he remarks with a snort. "No, not allowed to leave until I agree to a physical."

"Ah, well, not a lot of people walking in, so I suppose I only have to worry so much." Aric sretched his legs out a little and sighs. "Reading, working out...reading again...Talking to myself. The usual. Mm. That'sMacBeth, I think," He supplies, peering at the file. "Oh, Dex - nothing's ever /that/ easy," he remarks with a snort. "No, not allowed to leave until I agree to a physical."

Dex watches Aric thoughtfully for a moment, then suddenly flings himself backwards off his elbows to slouch again in the chair. "And three minutes of being mildly freaked out by Doctor Roboto is worse than spending eternity locked in an increasinly smelly room reading Shakespeare?"

Aric rolls his eyes. "I'd point out, it'd be more than three minutes. And she has it /in/ for me...I don't want to be anywhere near her, thanks. Besides, no one can keep me here forever. That's just ridiculous. What are you going to do, keep hiring a pilot to get from place to place?"

Dex gives Aric a mildly pitying look. "What, did you recieve some head trama at age 14 and stopped maturing?" He shakes his head. "/Seriously/, Aric, have some balls. Have the damn physical, fly the damn ship." He flashes an overly sunny smile. "The Doc fixed up one of my ribs when Alex broke it, and I'm still walking and talking. Seemed quite competant to me, though a little lacking in the conversational abilities."

Aric makes a face. "Yeah, don't you wish. I don't /need/ the damn physical. I can fly the damn ship if they'd let me." Ah, yes, it's all 'their' fault. "Yeah, well, good for you. Maybe she likes you," he mocks peevishly. "She's not...human...or something. I'm better off here."

"You are making this so much more difficult than it needs to be," Dex points out reasonably. "She just asked you to have a physical, not stop being a prat." Which is, clearly, what Dex would have done in her place. "How'd you get to your rank without learning how to take orders?"

"Perhaps," Aric says, rolling his shoulders, and still refuseing to take blame. "Hm. It's an unnessacery phyiscal." And that's his firm position on the matter. "I do take orders. They were all just better orders before now." Sure sure.

Dex shakes his head at Aric. "I think you're missing the point of the word 'orders'," he observes after a moment. "So what's your plan, then, to stay in here until Alex grows old and dies or is transfered off the ship?"

Aric wrinkles his nose slightly. "Sometimes people are commended for not following orders," he reasons. "Mmm, I imagine I'll be perminantly suspended and/or discharged before /either/ of those things happens, actually, though," the pilot muses on a sigh. "Sooner, if I break another order and leave this room. So I don't realy have a plan. I'm just sort of winging it as I go."

"Gooood plan," Dex replies sarcastically. He leans forward onto his elbows again. "You know, usually when people are commended for not following orders, the order was something like 'kill these twenty innocent people'." Pause for effect. "Not quite up there with 'take a physical so you won't crash and kill us all due to unknown illness'."

"Seems to be working out alright for myself so far," Aric replies, looking down his nose at Dex and ignoring the sarcasm. "I just /had/ a physical - I was fine. I do not, in any way shape or form, need another. That's the point. Besides, if the illness was unknown, there'd be nothing you could do about it anyway. I'm hardly about to crash this."

"Especially when you aren't even flying it to begin with," Dex points out. Still leaning forward he tilts his head and smirks slightly. "What if I pay you 25 platnum to take the physical?"

Aric mmms. "Admittedly the less I fly the cleaner my record stays." Th ehe raises his brows at the other. "You have got to be kidding me. Now who's the one with the fourteen year old brain? Dare ya to...Pay ya to...Pssh." Despite the heavy sarcasm, he does look slightly interested. "I didn't really take the job for the pay."

Dex looks frustrated, and he runs a hand through his hair. "Doesn't it ever bother you, to constantly be in uncomfortable situations?" He shakes his head and frowns ever so slightly. "Life's much more pleasant if you don't needlessly turn everything into a battle."

"If little things like uncomfortable situations bothered me, well, I wouldn't have joined the war - and I certainly wouldn't be here," Aric notes, looking superior. "Besides, I don't turn everything into a battle." That's not entirely true.

Dex raises a finger. "I'd beg to disagree. You've turned the simple request that you take a physical into an entirely needless disaster that's affecting the whole crew." Selfish git. "30 platnum?"

Aric frowns slightly. "That's not everything - that's one thing. It's not a disaster until something blows up or someone's dead - niether of which are likely to happen. This affects nothing. Do you /realy/ think we're not going to go anywhere when we need to just because I'm sitting in here?" He sighs. "I think you're missing the point, here. I'm really not sure what you think trying to buy me off is going to acomplish."

"I think /you're/ missing the point," Dex replies calmly. "It's not about the job, though you're certainly not helping there. But you," he points a long finger at the pilot. "And this rebellion or whatever you want to call it, disrupts the whole atmosphere of the ship. You expect the rest of us to just work as if nothing happened, while you sit down here and mope because the captain's mean and the medic doesn't like you?" He gives Aric a 'please' look, and shakes his head. "It's a whole lot of fuss over something incredibly stupid." He pauses to settle down and lean back, though he hasn't been exactly yelling. "I'm amazed you haven't been demoted or kicked off already."

Aric shrugs. "The captain's the captain. The medic's a freak. But yes, you all should, in theory be able to go on with your merry little days doing whatever orders /you've/ been given without me, actually. But I'm not fussing. I'm just...sitting here." Hepats the bed and shrugs agai. "Who knows. Alex could walk inhere in the next minute - although I hope not for your sake - and tell me to go home or that I /have/ been demoted."

Dex lets out a slow breath, and then shakes his head once. "You are truely one of the most self-centered people I've met," he observes finally, in a flat tone. "If you can't even see how this is affecting other people." He stands. "Well, that's all I wanted to say." He shoves his hands in the pockets of his fatigues. "So I'll let you get back to sitting." HE walks to the door, which he'd left open a crack so as to be able to leave, and leaves without another word.

"Well, I can't see much of anything except these four walls, nope," Aric says, playing the sarcastic ass card again and then goes back to reading without saying anything else either. Damn.

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