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Date: 6/4/05 IC Date: 4/16/2517 Rating: PG Ah, the ship's… - The Eclipse Project

About Date: 6/4/05 IC Date: 4/16/2517 Rating: PG Ah, the ship's…

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Date: 6/4/05
IC Date: 4/16/2517
Rating: PG

Ah, the ship's infirmary. Pristine, orderly, couched in the midsection of the ship and insulated from both the freezing vaccum of space, and the annoying noise of the crew quarters. Fengxia perches on one countertop, out of line of sight of the door and reading over the latest medical news from the cortex on her hand reader.

Indeed, the last thing you'd expect to see in this pristine space is a mess. But the second last thing is here: Aric. The pilot - on a 'covert' mission to escape his room - practically slams into the infirmary and stands just inside the door stiff-backed and tight fisted. Just by for a chat and some tea, don't you know?

Ah, the deceptive lure of an apparently empty infirmary. Fengxia's head swivels, raptor-like, as Aric comes bursting through the door, and she peers at him over the top of her reader, like a lithe little predator peering through some leaves. "Do you require a smoother, pilot officer?"

Aric doesn't shudder, although he looks as though he'd very much like to. Instead, he simply shoots a glare at her. "Probably," he says, nearly growls really, and then makes an attempt to gain composure. He's cool, calm. Oh yeah. Hestands to his full hieght and looks down his nose and the creepy little medic. "I'm reporting for my physical." See him manage to make that sound like a privledge.

Fengxia remains perched on her countertop, one leg drawn up to her chest so that she might rest her chin on the knee. She regards the posturing pilot coolly, and indicates her acceptance of his statement by switching off her reader and stating "Please disrobe down to your undergarments and be seated in the chair." Yes, the chair. Or, more properly, The Chair, a multipurpose seat useful for both strapping down tortu-- er, interrogation subjects and settling injured crew.

Aric's eyes flick over to glance at The Chair and for a moment he looks like he's about to protest the whole thing again before he grits his teeth and pulls his shirt off over his head. He's supposed to be on Good Behavior - or at least, that's what he keeps telling himself. The shirt is folded neatly and left on a counter followed by crips pair of pants. At least he doesn't have to worry about them getting dirty, he supposes. The pilot eyes The Chair again, hesitent, then sighs quietly and sits stiffly - and improperly - down.

It's far more likely that Fengxia will be sterilizing the place where the pants have landed. At the moment, however, she merely watches Aric undressing himself with meticulous attention, eyeing his movements to see if anything's amiss there. Unfortunately, it looks to outside eyes as though she's plotting where she could make an incision. Once the pilot is seated, she abandons the counter to don a pair of examination gloves and pick up a tray of shiny medical instruments. "Do you have any underlying medical conditions, any recent injuries, or any allergies or other things I should be aware of."

"Ok, you need to stop looking at me like that," Aric snaps peevishly, shoulders shifting off kilter as he stares at her. And her gloves. And shiny metal...Eurgh. The pilot wrinkles his nose, and replies unhelpfully, "No, I'm perfect." Cue charming smile and tooth sparkle.

"I am afraid that 'like that' is not a sufficient identifier for me to be able to determine which specific portion of my visual inspection is frightening you, pilot officer," Fengxia replies, picking up a shiny little scope with a built in light that she proceeds to shine in his eyes. "And no-one is perfection, as the human body is by nature flawed. When was your last standard immunization complement administered?"

Aric sits there stiffly as she shines a light in his eyes, doing his best - for that short moment - to sit still and behave. "Actually, I think that creepy look is your normal one," he snarks. "And I didn't say I was frightened." He takes a deep breath, puffing himself up slightly. "I don't know, isn't that in my file?" He says. "It was about a year ago. I think." There, a little more helpful.

"You are showing physiological signs consistant with unease." Fengxia replies, peering in Aric's ears, and up his nose, before monotoning "Say 'aaah'." and slapping a tongue depresser in his mouth the second he complies. "As you are at home aboard your ship, and there is nothing inherantly disturbing here, you are uneasy because of me. In more direct terms, you fear me."

"I'd think anyone would be a little uneasy there," Aric replies, rolling his eyes, but sitting still. He doesn't so much say 'aah' as simply open his mouth, trying not to mutter something snarky. Yech. He sticks out his jaw and frowns at her. "Well, I'm not entirely sure you're human. Call it fear of the unknown," he says simply, slightly cocky.

Fengxia merely hums once at that, peers at the back of Aric's throat intently, and then clicks off the light. A stethoscope is picked up next, and she doesn't bother with such niceties as warming it before placing it on Aric's bare back. "Breathe in and out for me. Deeply. Repeat this three times. And you are attempting to cover your lingering fear by offering comedic insult."

"Oh, god damn," Aric curses as the cold metal hits his back, twitching shortly and glares over his shoulder at her. "I'm very good at that," he says, tone both proud and bitter at the same time. He takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Doesn't make /you/ any less odd," he points out, before breathing deeply in and out a couple more times.

"Perhaps." says Fengxia, making some notes in the file on Aric she's called up on her reader. "Now, lie back. I will be running some basic images of your internal organs and examining your heart." How this is accomplished is by abruptly tipping The Chair back, and swinging a device into place overhead. No-where near as sophisticated as what a central hospital might offer, there is nothing for Aric to see, but plenty of data being recorded with ominous bleeps and whirs and snapping sounds. "Or perhaps you merely label 'odd' that which does not fit into your limited paradigm of the world."

"Rrkk!" Aric exclaims at he chair goes tipping back. The pilot (again) glares at the medic, muttering something about bedside manner as he makes himself comfortable. Well, more comfortable at any rate. "Or," he proposes, "maybe you don't realize how odd /you/ are because of your limited world view, hm. I'm willing to bet I've seen and done more than you have, thanks." His face twitches every now and then in time with the beeping.

"Ah yes, that reminds me," Fengxia nods, back a safe range from the scanning system. "On the topic of doing, are you sexually active, and have you ever been diagnosed or treated for a sexually transmitted infection?"

Aric mutters something (probably impolite judging by his facial expression) and sighs deeply. Doesn't even bother to glare at her this time. "Not as much as I'd like, it's in my file," he answers, being difficult for a moment before he says more straightforward, "Yes, yes and yes."

"And is the ship's mechanic aware of this history?" There's a flat dark-eyed Look accompanying this. "I am assuming that the particular disease is in your file. You are aware, however, that herpes and neosyphilis can be transmitted even while the host is asymptomatic. Now sit up." The Chair complies. Fengxia advances and proceeds to tap one knee, and then the other, with a reflex hammer.

Aric opens his mouth to snap something, but just promptly closes it and rethinks what he was going to say. "...No." A pause and he wrinkles his nose. "Yes, yes - it's all in my file. And I know, I got a whole fun lecture on it - Damn, that was years and years ago," he complains, vaguely frustrated. He frowns slightly as she approaches him again, but if there's something he doesn't have to fret over, it's reflexes.

Fengxia is satisfied. Her next move is to load up an injection array with approximately fifteen different microneedles. Pressed against Aric's arm, they -look- impressive and scary as hell, but actually don't hurt more than a good pinch. "There. You are done. Go away now."

Aric makes a face at the injection array, but otherwise doesn't make a peep. He's a MAN, damnit, he can take the PAIN. Oh, wait. The pinch. Oh well. The pilot huffs, presumably what would have a 'thanks' if they were on, uhm, better terms and hops up. "Oh, gladdly, love," he mocks, pulling on his pants again and buckling his belt. "Be sure to tell the Captain I was here, " he says, still pulling on his shirt, even as he's heading outwards.

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