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Report to Lagrange: The Thomas Parker Mission - The Eclipse Project

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Report to Lagrange: The Thomas Parker Mission

Robin, using the cover as the ship’s captain, and Liane, using the cover as a passenger on the ship, made contact with a man named Joe Marlowe. They told him that the ship was being held in lock down and they were transporting melons. For a cut of the share in the money made from the cargo, Joe set up a meeting with a man named Charley Kieffer who could be paid off to get the ship out of lock down and get the cargo free.

Following the ship being in lock down, mechanical failure was claimed to keep the Nominis Umbra longer in the town Amelia on the planet Warrem. Robin proceeded to contact Joe Marlowe again, claiming the crew was low on credits and offering the services of the ship for jobs. Joe referred Robin to a man named Duncan, who is involved in anti-Alliance activities.

The crew has spent the next two months doing odd jobs for this organization, which has been referred to on a few occasions as the Unallied, which are listed on the next page. During this time, Liane has been on Warrem with the cover of a stranded passenger looking for work in order to get work with the Unallied and potentially have access to any files they might have. Also, the pilot Aric was locked in his quarters for ten days due to disciplinary problems. On and between the missions, Robin has dropped hints about wanting to do more and of his dislike for the Alliance.

Duncan acceded to Robin’s desire to be a bigger part of the organization and Robin was told to seek out one 'Marc Raines' in Hillcrest on Jiangyin. After picking up Liane from Warrem, the Nominis Umbra will travel to Jiangyin and report on the findings.
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