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The Eclipse Project
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We are an RPG group based in the universe of the Mutant Enemy television show (and soon to be movie!) Firefly. The Eclipse Project is a shadow division of Allied Intelligence and all information regarding its existence, agents, and operations is highly classified.


Contact: Each player must have an email address visible on their userpage. They should also have an AIM username that can be used for both contact purposes and for RP. If you would prefer not to list these publicly, fill out the information in the LJ form and then change the 'Who can view your contact info?' menu to 'Friends only.'

Journals: Character journals should be named using the format 'ep_[character name]' for easy identification. Comments on character journals should be set to 'friends only.' Character journals should include biographical information in the game format on their userpage and should have all other character journals and the eclipseproject community friended.

Characters: Eclipse Project is currently closed to members of the crew of Nominus Umbra.
      In the future we expect to open the game up to interested parties. At that time, we will set further guidelines about the sorts of characters we expect and encourage. If you are interested, feel free to leave us a comment here. We will not accept FCs (those characters dealt with in the show). We will most likely be looking for members of the Alliance, various types of criminals and informants, and possibly other cells of the Eclipse Project.
      Because of the nature of the Eclipse Project, every character is likely to be 'exceptional' in some way. They will have skills and talents that are above average. However, this is not carte blanche to create a character who is perfect or excels naturally at everything they try. We look for complex, complicated characters who are gifted, but not one-note.

Posting: Role-play in Eclipse Project can be carried out via IM, email, M*, or LJ comment-chains. Use whatever best fits you at the time.
      All logs should be posted to the eclipseproject community with a suitably descriptive title and should be behind an LJ-cut. They should be dated, list the characters involved in the scene, and be rated from G to R. In the case of LJ-comment RP, please begin the RP in your personal character journal and then clean up the log for posting in eclipseproject. All communications to other characters (such as ship-wide announcements or emails between characters) should be posted to the eclipseproject community. Please note clearly who would be able to ICly see the communications, and use common sense when replying to them.
      Character journals should be used to record the private thoughts of your character. They may also be used to post short introspective stories.
      If you need to backdate a post (hey, RL hits us all), please note clearly in the either the subject line or the first line of the post what date and time it would have ICLy been posted, so that we are able to fit things into their proper chronological order. Please use your common sense when doing this. Alternatively, you may use the LJ 'backdate' feature and make an OOC post letting others know that you've done so. Please link to your backdated post if you do this.
      Comments to all posts should be labeled IC or OOC in the subject line. Use common sense when deciding whether your character would be able to reply ICly to a post. All IC posts should be public.

OOC: Personal OOC announcements, such as leaving on vacation, insights into your character, or thoughts on possible character arcs, may be posted in character journals. Please mark all OOC posts clearly, either in the subject line or in the first line of the post. Game-wide OOC announcements, such as changes in policy, ideas for missions, general brainstorming, important events that have happened 'off camera,' or arcs that involve the majority of game-players, may be posted in the eclipseproject community. Again, please mark all OOC posts clearly.

Watching: Feel free to friend the community or character journals if you're interested in watching Eclipse Project RP. The best way to keep track of everything is to read the friends page one of the character journals. If you'd like to comment on something, please do so here.


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Crew of Nominis Umbra art by ep_aric


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