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OOC: Blue Sun - The Eclipse Project

About OOC: Blue Sun

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Blue Sun
Blue Sun began as a research institution and evolved into a corporation that has absorbed many of the most popular brands of household products, from soft drinks to cleaning supplies. Their breakthrough came when they perfected the technique of terraforming, making it possible for humans to colonize planets otherwise unsuitable for their habitation.

Blue Sun soon diversified their research and found themselves the leading manufacturer of private space craft. This was quickly followed by the acquisition of the leading names in entertainment, medicine, food, and household products. They also supply the Alliance with the majority of their cruisers, warships, and weapons. Today it is nearly impossible to find a home without at least one Blue Sun product. They have become a staple in nearly every area of commercial life, and they continue to press forward with leading research in medicine and technology. As with most large corporations, there are some mutterings about the manner in which Blue Sun acquires subsidiary companies or treats their employees, but it never seems to be serious enough to get them in legal difficulties or to produce any sort of mass boycott of their products. Blue Sun, if anything, is becoming larger and more successful, and the average Blue Sun employee seems to be happy with their job and their employer.

Blue Sun research has begun to diverge into areas of questionable morality that very few investors and absolutely no public figures are aware of. Their science division has been directed to explore all possibilities when searching for new, effective weaponry, and human life is sometimes considered an acceptable sacrifice for progress. Testing on subjects is careful and thorough. Biological weapons, genetic tinkering, pushing human capability to its extreme limits, and weapons capable of broad destruction are considered fair game. Blue Sun’s medical research has a similar ethos: sacrifices are acceptable as long as the payoff outweighs the price.

Blue Sun, by virtue of its size and weight, in addition to its history, has inevitably entwined itself with the Alliance. Money, it has been said, can buy anything. That may not be strictly true, but when you combine money with the sort of technology and influence of Blue Sun and wield it in key places, a great many things are possible. Blue Sun rarely has to exert its influence in any way that it not completely transparent and legitimate. However, there are select circumstances under which Blue Sun may pressure key members of the Alliance to act in their benefit. It is highly unlikely that the Alliance would ever move in any way that would prove to be detrimental to the goals of the very top levels of the Blue Sun corporation, and no Prime Minister is ever named without the unofficial approval of Blue Sun. Blue Sun also has key contacts within Allied Intelligence. These sorts of activites are known only to a select few members of Blue Sun; the vast majority Blue Sun employees are everyday people working everyday jobs.
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