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OOC: Nominis Umbra - The Eclipse Project

About OOC: Nominis Umbra

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Nominis Umbra was outfitted and sent into duty in July of 2511, shortly after the war ended. The crew of Nominus Umbra has since been known in the Eclipse Project as a solid, dedicated, capable group of agents. They're given assignments and they produce results. More importantly, perhaps, they seem able to work with anyone. Captain Zumeta kept his crew in line, and personality conflicts were apparently rare enough that he had never had to ask to have anyone transferred out of his command. In fact, the only turnover came when Fengxia Wong replaced their original medic, Ian Reiz, in 2515. Her arrival was followed a few months later by the promotion of their First Officer, Brandon Westin, and his subsequent assignment off-ship, an event which led to the promotion of Alex Sunseri and the addition of agent Robin Wood. The crew was small, but talented and loyal: Captain Kev Zumeta, First Mate Alexia Sunseri, Medic Fengxia Wong, Pilot Dania Yao, Mechanic Zaine Fisher, and agents Elaine Dayler and Robin Wood. Zumeta ran a tight ship of business-oriented agents who invested most of their time, energy, and personal thought in their job. It got results. Nominus Umbra was regularly given varied and sensitive assignments. Kev Zumeta never left a job undone, and Nominus Umbra was quite proud of its unblemished record.

When the blemish finally came, it was devastating. A routine job, retrieving hard copies of sensitive information from the outlying core planet of Ulyses, went awry when a local criminal group noticed their activities and decided they wanted the information for themselves. The crew fled the planet hurriedly, engaged in a firefight with another ship. A direct hit ripped the hull away from the cockpit, killing Captain Zumeta, agent Elaine Dayler, and the pilot, Dania Yao, instantly. Zaine Fisher, the ship's mechanic, lingered too long trying to seal the rest of the ship, and the lack of atomosphere killed him within minutes. The rest of the crew, First Mate Alex Sunseri, medic Fengxia Wong, and agent Robin Wood, took refuge in one of Nominus Umbra's shuttles, though the hit had damaged its docking mechanism and they were unable to flee. They remained in the shuttle for four days, until a nearby Alliance cruiser could be spared to break course and retrieve them.

While they were locked inside, the criminal group boarded the ship and removed several pieces of sensitive information, including that which they had been sent to retrieve.

Nominus Umbra spent three weeks having her cockpit refitted and her shuttles repaired. The surviving crew was given vacation time to recover from the event, heal any injuries, and spend as they chose. When repairs were complete, Nominus Umbra was given a new pilot, a new mechanic, a new cryptologist, and a new agent. They were given a week to settle in before the surviving crew members were recalled and given a new assignment. Alex Sunseri was given command of the ship - temporarily. Eclipse Project command has not yet spoken on the information lost, and no reprimands have been given.

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