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February 24th, 2006 - The Eclipse Project

About February 24th, 2006

OOC: Restarting! 06:54 pm
SO. We have decided to reopen this, which means that maybe we should think about a time and getting things settled in so that we can start playing. Cause I want to play. Basically it looks like our decisions stand as this:

Characters: We have Alex, Dex, Victoria, Aric, Robin, and Fengxia. This still works pretty decently as far as original setup.
Timeline: We're setting, let's say four months before Serenity, with the intention to play and maybe, someday, play through it.
Game time: Let's aim for two IC days per OOC week, to be established as things feel right. If everyone could take initiative in moving things along and feeling free to post 'new day' posts whenever it feels as though a day's worth of RP has been done, this would help. Perhaps we can make a general rule that every four days a new IC day will start, with the ability to move faster if it feels neccessary? We can talk about skipping weeks or whatever if we ever feel we want to.
Gameplay: LJ, M*, IM, whatever works for you individually at each time. We're open to experimentation. As long as it makes things happen, it's fine. Zai has a space for us on a game that supports miniM*s - bug her if you don't have the info.
Plot: Wipe everything, start over, from the time when NU has been refitted and brought back into service. The backstory still stands unless it needs to be adjusted for any character changes.
Structure: Endeavor to start each 'mission' with a vague outline to be followed either by RP or offcam, with downtime on ship as needed.

Things you (YES YOU) need to do:
- Let us know whether you will be making changes to your character or if they will be staying the same.
- Speak up if you have any objections, additions, or thoughts.
- Start playing!

Things to be done in general:
- Revamp the info to include Operatives and other Serenity bits
- Figure out the actual date we are starting - anyone know a date from Serenity?
- Uh... anything else?
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